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Socio-Economic Development

Moolmans recognises the importance of its commitment towards investing and making a contribution in the development of local communities within which it operates. The mission being to promote and enhance an environment for sustainable socio-economic development (SED) by facilitating the implementation of programmes that will enhance the quality of life for local communities. Furthermore, to promote employment and advance the socio-economic welfare in local communities. It is our commitment to advance B-BBEE transformation objectives through collaborative and mutually beneficial partnerships that enable sustainable access to economic opportunities within our host communities in particular.

Below is a set of objectives and principles that underpins Moolmans’ commitment to SED:

  • Adherence and commitment to South Africa’s BBBEE or localisation strategy of the country we operate in, for the benefit of both business and local communities.
  • Be a good corporate citizen.
  • Respond to community needs and build a sustainable social capital.
    Mobilise and strengthen sustainable relationships with clients and other stakeholders.
  • Develop a strong human capital and skills pool.
  • Mobilise and develop a local supply chain base relevant to business requirements.
  • Profile and position Moolmans as a preferred brand.

Moolmans strives to ensure that our work benefits as many people as possible while providing stability and security for future generations. Delivery of our SED strategy is premised on the following essential enablers:

  • Education support – To contribute towards employment creation through focused education interventions aimed at increasing the pool of relevant technical skills within disadvantaged communities
  • Skills development – To contribute to economic participation of previously disadvantaged and unemployed individuals by contracting local staff on projects and offering specialised training and targeted skills development initiatives to ensure a high standard of work delivery
  • Preferential procurement – Towards the inclusion and integration of the black-owned businesses into the economic main stream.
  • Enterprise development – To make a sustainable contribution which will establish growth of small- to medium-sized enterprises and outsource of goods and services from local vendors through the development and up-skilling of black-owned, black women-owned and youth-owned businesses to improve their access to business opportunities within and outside of Moolmans
  • Community development – To collaboratively deliver shared value for the business, communities and partners through leveraging SED commitments to clients.

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